Sol Defender Announcement

One of the two concepts referenced in the previous post has now been chosen for the upcoming project. The next step will be to build a small functional prototype to test and experiment with some of the concept’s basic ideas. This will hopefully get done in time for the next monthly post.

Sol Defender

As the name suggests, Sol Defender is about defending the solar system from waves of enemies. Defending an objective from waves of enemies isn’t exactly a new concept, but what sets Sol Defender apart from other games is that it features a simplified scale model of our solar system, along with unit movement speeds constrained within realistic limits (i.e. no going faster than light).

Graphically, the game will be 2D with ships and structures represented either by colorful polygons or pixelated sprites. What approach to the visuals makes more sense is one of the things the prototype will help decide. The spaceships will be heavily customizeable both visually and functionally, e.g. by equipping different weapons or thrusters. Building defensive structures in orbit around planets and moons will also be possible.

Gameplay will feature both a single-player campaign set in our solar system and a cooperative multi-player mode with the option to use procedurally generated solar systems, perhaps even user-created ones (this is yet to be decided). A PvP mode isn’t currently planned.