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Cardboard RPG

Cardboard RPG A Map-based RPG set after the death of time itself! Cardboard RPG features procedurally generated content split into individual “maps” with RPG-style progression. Players can choose from several playable races, skills, and crafting professions, allowing for many possible playstyles in both single and multiplayer. Graphically its 3D world consists of propped up 2D sprites somewhat reminiscent of cardboard cutouts, which is what inspired the name “Cardboard RPG”.

Cardboard RPG is currently in the very early stages, with many technical and mechanical details yet to be decided. Its initial release is planned for early 2019. It will be available on 64-bit Windows (7 and newer) and Linux (primarily Ubuntu).

Cardboard RPG has been cancelled! The final version of it can be found on the demos page for download.

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