Practical Considerations

Cardboard RPG Screenshot The previous post briefly mentioned “other Slope Games considerations”, which are discussed in detail in this one. As a result of these considerations, Cardboard RPG has been cancelled and the final version published on the demos page for download.

Cardboard RPG turned out to be too impractical for a one-man studio, especially as a first project, because it ended up involving a lot more auxiliary work - i.e. work other than game design - than anticipated. While the technical work involved in creating Cardboard RPG from scratch was incredibly interesting and educational, it ultimately missed the point of Slope Games, which is to actually release games. Furthermore the size of Cardboard RPG as a project was simply too ambituous as a first project, but could be worth returning to at some point in the future.

What Next?

One of the mistakes with Cardboard RPG was settling on a concept too quickly without fully considering how much work it would entail in the long run. For this reason the next project will not be announced just yet, as further consideration of available concepts is required. Since the focus will be on finding something that can be finished in a reasonable amount of time (definitely less than a year) the next project will necessarily be something simple, perhaps 2D and/or turn-based. Various concepts are currently being toyed with, such as a novel approach to the TCG genre, a space simulation, and even a more simplified version of what Cardboard RPG was intended to be.

Going forward the goal will be to release a post like this one roughly monthly, with the next post after this one discussing possible concepts for the next Slope Games project in greater detail, or perhaps even annoucing the next project if a suitable concept has been found by then.