Cardboard RPG Page Updated

The Cardboard RPG page has been updated with new information in order to provide a better idea of what it might be like when it is finished.

Most of this information was going to be part of the original launch of the website, but was omitted because it wasn’t that set in stone yet (and still isn’t, really). However if you’re going to support the game in its early stages you should be granted as much transparency as possible, so more information is ultimately a good thing even if it ends up changing over time as the design of the game evolves. Broad things like the total numbers of races/skills/etc and genre fundamentals are almost certainly going to stay the way they are, and so are many of the skills. For example Grace is the most recently added one, having replaced the Chance skill from the original draft, and is therefore most likely to change or be replaced again, whereas things like Force, Vigor, Will, and Mind haven’t changed much since their initial inception.

If you want to see the new changes, visit the Cardboard RPG Page. Information will be added or changed as things develop, so you should check the page every so often if you want to stay up-to-date. If you want to get access to early playable versions of the game or simply support its development, consider becoming a Patron.